46, 47, 48, 49

46:  Nothing important.  A few notes for Jenine.

47:  Had a really nice brunch gig with a guitarist named Jake Reichbart.  It was in Chelsea, Michigan, which is the home of “Jiffy,” the company that makes the awesome corn bread mix.  Cute little town, nice food, nice gig.  Sunday brunch gigs are some of my favorites, actually.

48:  Class with my students.  Had a great breakthrough with one trumpet player.  I made him play a solo in quarter notes only.  This differed from the way he played before because there was NO SENSE OF BEAT AT ALL!  He actually manipulated the chords, AND played with rhythm.  It was great!

49:  Went to a rehearsal with Leo Rhea’s big band at the Birmingham Unitarian Church.  Even though I conduct the OU Big Band a lot, it’s sometimes more fun for me to actually PLAY in the band.  We read a few nice charts including Nestico’s “Ya Gotta Try…Harder,” and a Pat Metheny tune called “See The World.”  Oh also, Rob McConnell’s arrangement of “Just Friends” which has a killer bone/bass soli line.  Band!

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