51, 52, 53

51:  Yikes, getting behind again.  This day, Thursday, I got to watch a performance by my wife, Jenine.  She did a great job!  In addition, I watched a performance by about 150 middle school singers.  It was a fun experience, and every did a good job, including our friend, the choir director, Vickie Kopistiansky.  I suppose I didn’t perform anything this day, but I feel like I fulfilled the requirement by trying to be a gig buddy for Jenine.

52:  Cooking dinner, driving for houses, some wine, and cards.  Fail on the performance front.

53:  Went to a performance of “Ernie” based on the life of Tiger’s radio announcer Ernie Harwell.  All of the Lawson brothers were there, and I know they enjoyed it from a nostalgic perspective.  I could appreciate what they felt, although it was hard for me to relate directly given that the only time I watched the Tigers prior to moving to Detroit was when they were playing the Yankees.  It was a nice play, though.  To be honest, I didn’t perform anything today either.  In baseball terms, I think you call this a slump.

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