63, 64, 65, 66, 67

63, 64:  I’ve reached a new low.  Too many days without a post and two days straight with no “true” performances.  Ouch.  I might be getting lazier, or busier.  Not sure.  Regardless, I think I’m failing.  I promise to do better.

65:  Better!  Sang in church with the Lawson’s on Sunday.  This was the Pentecost service.  I’m starting to actually get familiar with the service and the music.

66:  Class with students.  The performance might be a little rough, but I’m sure they’ll do a good job.

67:  Dwight asked me to play at Cliff Bell’s.  This Tuesday night gig seems like it’s turning into a good hang.  A few people came down to sit in including Rafael Staunton and Jordan Schug.  A few Oakland students came down too.

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