321:  Hanging with Jenine and my parents in Ithaca.  Then Jenine and I drove to Tim’s in Watertown and had a nice night out for Italian and cocktails.  Performances?  That’s a stretch.

322:  Driving home from Watertown in what we thought was going to be a terrible snow storm.  Glad that did not happen.  Also played at the London Chop House with Scotty, Scott K., and Paul King.  Man, that place is nice!

323:  Shave and a haircut…

324:  Teaching in the evening.  Looking forward to more work with this “grad” group.

325:  Practicing!  And meetings and business.

I’ve got forty more days of the blog to write.  It has not been entirely successful, but I’m glad I’ve kept track of these things in my life.  I wish I had put up more audio files and other things.  I’ll try to do this from now until the end.

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