Day 251:  Teaching, then a gig w/ Meri Slaven and Scott Gwinnell.

252:  Hanging with Rob and Nicole

253:  OU Jazz at Cliff Bell’s.  Great job everyon!

254:  Errands and other things

255:  Hanukkah

256:  Northern Lights

257:  Rehearsal with Jellick and Kramer, then to Jenine’s class.

258:  Lawson Christmas!

259:  Church, singing with the choir.

260:  Christmas day- to the movies.  Saw War Horse.  Entertained, but not overly so.

261:  Recuperating from the semester for a day.

262:  Uncle Jim, ML, and I finishing the floors in the upstairs room.  Now for rug shopping!

263:  Practicing early, then Northern Lights.

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