264:  Gig w/ Scott Gwinnell’s Dectet.

265:  Drive up to Gillian’s and rehearse a little.

266:  New Year’s!  Total blast and fun to play with Gillian and crew.

267:  Drive home in the snow.

268:  Hanging w/ the Lawsons.

269:  Jazz auditions

270:  More jazz auditions!  And Northern Lights.

271:  First day of band.  Looking good for the semester!

272:  Rehearsal w/ Mark Stone for faculty percussion concert.

273:  Teaching Mark.

274:  Hanging out with the Boothroyd’s at our house.

275:  Zip, zero, zilch.

276:  Teaching a little, and some practicing.

277:  Teaching.

278:  Northern Lights.

279:  Interview for Oakland Post and Press and Miles Brown Trio at Vinology.

280:  Meeting for Master’s Proposal (!)

281:  Traveling to Cali for Kelly Brown’s wedding.  I miss traveling.

282:  Kelly Brown’s wedding!  Great time with Ray Brown’s Great Big Band.  Totally.  Killer.

283:  Come back from Cali.

284:  Teaching all day.  Lessons with Mark, Nate, and Matt.

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