Day 287

Yesterday, I put a new set of Evahs on my bass.  I’ve decided that this may be my least favorite endeavor in the whole world.  I haven’t gotten my act together enough to buy or create a drill-powerd tuning system, but after yesterday’s carpal-tunnel inducing exercise, I’m seriously thinking about it.

Otherwise, Jenine took me to see Phillip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach in Ann Arbor.  It was the first time it has been performed in 20 years.  Although I appreciate the intellectual ramifications of this minimalist avant-garde opera, I felt like it wasn’t entirely successful.  Who the hell am I to propagate that opinion, though?  The Power Center, a large-ish hall, was packed to the brim!  Was it mainly for the novelty, or was this truly a work of art worth the attention.  I have no argument that this production was monumental, highly-detailed, and conceptually interesting, but after 2 hours, I “got” it.  Nevertheless, with only one  self-necessitated intermission, Jenine and I made it through the whole thing.  I suppose it’s gratifying to be able to say in the future that I saw this production, but if ever in my lifetime I have an opportunity to see it again, I may decline.

I do have to give a shout out to the musicians, however.  This is challenging music, and everyone sounded good.  Special shout out to the singers.


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