Day 286

Last night’s Northern Lights session was a blast, with visits from Jeff Pedraz, Jake Reichbart, and Raphael Statin.  I didn’t get any audio or video, unfortunately, but we had a great time.  It’s been really refreshing to have a steady gig, and I have to thank Mike Jellick for that opportunity.  Just knowing that I have a gig to look forward to inspires me to practice, although finding the time to actually practice still eludes me often.  This has been a theme of mine on this blog before, and like any professional musician, is constantly on the forefront of my psyche.  In fact, knowing how difficult it is to be a musician, I find it hard, if not unfathomable, to not think about music all the time.

I’m not limiting this to practicing or performing, but really, thinking about it all the time in some form or another.  I think this may be what attracted me to Jenine the most.  I was not only impressed with the fact that she thought about music all the time, but how  she thought about the music.  Most importantly, she thought (thinks) about music in drastically different ways than I do.  Not better or worse, just differently.

I think I’d like to continue this thread, but I have to go teach and play bass for Jazz Band, fulfilling my performance requirement for the day.  Please, send me some feedback on how YOU think about music.

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