Day 285

For lack of a better term, I suck at writing blogs.  It really boils down to my lack of perseverance in keeping a diary, a lamentable trait I’ve carried with me my whole life.  Never an elegant writer, I’ve been inspired to explore this a little more adamantly after going on a Christopher Hitchens binge.  As I jump on this bandwagon (thanks mainly to Matt Marks), I’m keeping in mind that like music, writing also has a deeply performative nature, and I can aspire to this art with the same passion I do for music.  Admittedly, though, good writing, is as much a gift as good music making.  With that in mind, I’ll be taking the “continuing-education-student” approach by working hard to make up for lost time.  First things first, I’ve got to get back into the habit of writing every day.  And also try to not use clichés like “first things first.”

In terms of performances, I’ll be back at the Northern Lights Lounge tonight with Mike Jellick and guest drummer Rob Avsharian.  I’ll try to get some media and include it on my blog tomorrow.

P.S.  One note about #SOPA and #PIPA.  Although I applaud the efforts of our elected officials to work out the relevant dilemma of intellectual property protection, I’d like remind them that governments that inhibit the the flow of information often get slammed with the label “fascist.”  Just sayin’.

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